Vacancies (Flats and Jobs)

Flat Vacancies

As at 20 May 2022 CESSA HA has the following vacancy:

  • Glamis Court, Stubbington - 1 x 1-person flat

Applications from interested applicants are welcomed who must be aged over 60 and either former Military Personnel and their dependants including National Service, former Reserve Forces, MOD, Civilian Employees, RFA & RNXS.  Applicants are expected to be capable of living independently at the outset. 

As at 20 May 2022 Greenwich Hospital Sheltered Housing has the following vacancy:

  • Trafalgar Quarters, Greenwich - 2 x 2-person flats

Interested applicants for Greenwich Hospital Sheltered Housing must be former Royal Navy and Royal Marines, WRNS, QARRNS, RN National Service, RFA, or RNXS aged over 60 and their spouses, partners, widows and widowers.  Applicants are expected to be capable of living independently at the outset.

Please submit applications regardless of current vacancies.  Flats become available on a regular basis.

The Organisation's Sheltered accommodation is NOT Residential or Nursing Home care so only 'low level' support can be provided.  Therefore, applicants must be capable of living independently at the outset.

If successful, under the terms of their tenancy agreement applicants will be expected to use their property as their 'only or principal home'.  Applications from homeowners are permitted; however, once an applicant has been offered and accepted a tenancy, the owned property must be sold.   


Job Vacancies

CESSAC has the following job opportunities (click on the blue words to access): 

Blandford: Advert.  Closing date Sun 24th April to start in May

Manager Job description for Blandford

Catering Assistant job description for Blandford

This website is mainly for CESSA Housing Association, but more information is available about CESSAC on its page.  


CESSA HA currently has no job vacancies.